May 21, 2022


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Deluxe Handmade wooden Smoke Kit – Pipe, Pre-rolled, Grinder, and so much more!

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Deluxe Tobacco accessory Kit | 10 Piece
**************4 options available!!! Let me know if you want a metal pipe, green glass, blue glass, or silicone**************
Smell-Proof: Don’t worry about the smell of the contents within this kit. This hand-crafted wood box forms a solid seal that will block smells from escaping. The wood also acts as a natural humidity barrier for your stuff.
Large Storage Capacity (9 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches): five separate compartments for all of your smoking needs.
Discreet & Portable: Perfect gift to safely store & lock away accessories. This deluxe hardwood case Includes a durable lid that also acts as a storage unit and a latch to keep it closed Great size for any backpack or travel bag.