May 31, 2023


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Launch of the Cannabis Growing 101 Guide by AskGrowers

Cannabis Growing 101 has now been released by AskGrowers, a website that informs American cannabis users and gives businesses and dispensaries the chance to sell and promote goods online. By examining the various techniques, how to seed, and the ideal time to harvest cannabis, AskGrowers collaborated with leading authorities in the sector to compile information on how to cultivate legal marijuana.

“As a novice grower, you might not know where to begin. Cannabis Growing 101 was established by AskGrowers for this reason. It informs our readers on starting their own home cannabis growing operations “explained AskGrowers’ managing partner, Igor Dunaevsky.

“According to the proverb, if you want anything done right, do it yourself. What cannabis is the finest to enjoy, though? Grow it on your own! It’s easier than you might believe to enjoy homegrown marijuana for less money and with little effort thanks to the astonishing array of cultivation techniques “AskGrowers CEO Irene Stepanenko.

The guide opens with an interactive map that displays the states where cannabis can be grown at home legally as well as the maximum amount that can be grown there. The anatomy of cannabis, the many strains, and the various indoor and outdoor growing techniques will then be explained to you in simple words. Information about the following is also available online:

❖  Weed germination
❖  Transplanting
❖  Growing temperatures
❖  Light exposure
❖  Aeration and ventilation
❖  Irrigation
❖  Supplies (tents, fertilizer, etc.)
❖  Growing stages
❖  Harvesting

Click here for additional information on Cannabis Growing 101.

What AskGrowers is is a cannabis resource platform that specializes in compiling and disseminating comprehensive brand and product information from authorized cannabis retailers all over the United States. AskGrowers is a totally online business that provides in-depth brand profiles and product reviews to keep customers educated and confident about their cannabis purchases. AskGrowers, a company that was established in New York in 2019, with offices there and in Ukraine. It focuses on states that have legal, recreational, or medical cannabis programs.

SOURCE AskGrowers