May 31, 2023


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The Benefits and Possible Side Effects of CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol oil is a product derived from the cannabis or hemp plant but doesn’t have the intoxication effects of marijuana. It is touted to have various health benefits and is currently legal in all 50 states.

While CBD oil can be found nearly everywhere these days, is it worth your time and money? How well has CBD been studied?

There have been several studies done on the efficacy of CBD oil. The FDA isn’t involved in supporting or refuting the claims of CBD advocates, because CBD is considered to be a supplement and not a pharmaceutical product.

Consider these benefits of CBD oil:

  1. Pain reduction and management. CBD oil has shown a lot of promise in treating pain, both acute and chronic. CBD has been used to reduce surgical incision pain, and arthritis pain, and also reduce the pain associated with other chronic illnesses.
  2. Anxiety. Oral CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety. It appears that the dose can be quite specific to the person. Some experimentation may be in order if you want to see the best results.
  3. Falling asleep and staying asleep. If you suffer from insomnia, CBD oil might be of some help. It has demonstrated an ability to reduce insomnia and to help users say sleep throughout the night.
  4. Seizures. This is perhaps the most promising use of CBD oil. Many those with seizure disorders have received great benefits from taking CBD oil.
  5. Acne. One of the actions of CBD oil is the reduction of inflammation. It is believed this is why CBD oil can effectively reduce acne in many sufferers.

These are just a few of the possible benefits of CBD oil.

The known side effects of CBD oil include:

  1. Irritability. It seems counterintuitive that CBD oil might make some users a little crabby, but it appears to happen in some CBD users.
  2. Nausea and diarrhea. Digestive issues are a possible side effect of taking CBD oil. It has been suggested that this side effect is most likely from the carrier oils used in CBD oil preparations, rather than the CBD itself.
  3. Fatigue. While some people feel fatigued, others can feel energized from taking CBD oil. It has been observed that some people feel more alert after taking a small dose, and tired after a larger dose.
  4. Interactions with medication. CBD can interact with some medications or increase the levels of those medications in the blood. All of the possible interactions haven’t been discovered or studied yet.

● Talk with your doctor before taking CBD, especially if you’re taking other medications.

  1. Depression. Some users report a lessening of depressive symptoms, while others report increased symptoms of depression.

These side effects are similar to those of many pharmaceutical products.

Keep in mind that the production of CBD oil isn’t regulated in any way. It’s possible to purchase CBD oil that is contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or other chemicals. Plus, the amount of CBD oil in the preparation can vary from what’s on the label.

If you’re going to use CBD oil, ensure that you’re purchasing it from a reputable source.

There are many potential benefits to consuming CBD oil, and the risks appear to be minimal. If you develop any side effects, cease using the product and consult with your physician.

CBD oil is very popular, has a lot of potentials, and has a few studies to support its use. Time will tell if CBD oil is the product that so many are hoping it is. If you’re interested, give it a try and see if you find it beneficial.