March 30, 2023


Cannabis News


The Rising in Cannabis Job

The cannabis business is increasing in times when other businesses are agonizing. The pandemic saw many businesses shut down as stay-at-home orders kept people from visiting their shops. Businesses closing also contribute to many employees losing their jobs and having to search elsewhere for employment. With the wide range of jobs available in the cannabis business, thousands of people were able to find a place that was best for them.

The Rising Cannabis Job Trend

Last year, cannabis employment exceeded that of many conventional industries. More people were employed in the cannabis industry than in the software industry, manufacturing, or healthcare. This was important as 2020 saw the most jobs lost due to the pandemic and 77,000 people were able to be employed full-time in the cannabis industry. This year legal cannabis supported over 300,00 jobs across the U.S! It is estimated that by 2025, the legal marijuana industry will employ up to 600,000 full-time employees in the many jobs it offers.

Some jobs in this area require some sort of science education. The position of extraction technician requires engineering and lab knowledge. These jobs supervise lab conditions and certify that all machines are in working order and that products such as oils and concentrates are up to standard. People in these positions also must maintain strict safety standards, potency, and controlling obedience.

The position of master grower also requires some science background in cultivation or phytology. These people administer large grow operations and ensure that the crops are being full-grown in the best ways they can be. There are jobs in trimming, picking, and cultivating that aid the master growers in the overall maintenance of crops but don’t require any specific scientific background. People in these positions are often recruited from lower-paid cooks or dishwashers in the restaurant industry who are looking for new openings.

Retail Positions

Restaurant workers aren’t the only people who can find new openings in the cannabis industry, retail workers also often find jobs within the cannabis business. Dispensaries need greeters and clerks that greet customers, respond to calls, and handle final sales. They are also responsible for verifying prescriptions, IDs, and eligibility for buying cannabis and cannabis-associated products. Retail workers have experience in this work, and often find a more welcoming and friendly environment when they make the transition to the cannabis industry.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, another job in the cannabis business was made: weed courier. Many dispensaries began offering delivery when the stay-at-home orders were enforced. People who drove the deliveries out were able to make an income through their work but also were given the opportunity to make sales commissions and tips. This position was especially useful for people who were laid off from their jobs and just needed to find work for a short time until it was time to return to their original position.

All these positions can find on different cannabis job boards. In planning for finding a job in the cannabis industry, it is important to read up on the history, social impacts, and medical benefits of marijuana. Employers in the cannabis business are looking for professionals rather than aficionados!