March 30, 2023


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What is GeoFencing and how cannabis business can take advantage?

Geofencing is an effective tactic to influence and connect with your users through mobile at scale. Not astonishingly, location-aware notifications are found to be 10x more effective than standard push notifications, according to the SBA-Marketing report. Mobile geofencing combines location intelligence and behavioral data into your app to improve audience segmentation and the delivery of relevant notifications. It has proven to be an effective tool because it is tailored, it reaches the audience timely, and it is very targeted.

Some use cases for geofencing marketing:

Drive visitors to your locations by adding geofences in POIs (Points of Interest) like airports, Hotels, or touristic locations and send them engaging notifications that create urgency to persuade them to visit your business.

Survey customers when they leave your POIs. By getting feedback from your customers, you will have better knowledge about your business and the in-store experience. Don’t forget to give incentives or rewards to encourage them to complete the survey.

Intercept customers at competitor’s locations by adding geofences to competitor’s locations to influence consumer behavior by delivering a better offer if they visit your store. Using this tactic, then you can also know what segment of your customers patronize your competitors’ businesses.

Retarget consumers who have visited a specific location or connected with your campaigns to deliver a special offer or promote your loyalty tactic program.

The device ID technology goes beyond simple geofencing to target unique devices and measure results with real attribution and ROI. In contrast to other providers, who use radius or assumptive data and targeting, the technology has a certainty of one-to-one device tracking.

There is no doubt that hyper-targeted, location-based marketing is going to be the next big thing in digital marketing. Now is the time to get started. Let’s first look at the benefits of geofencing, and then we’ll discuss how you can be a proactive marketer with this technology.

The Power of Geofencing and How to Add It to Your Marketing

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